Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers Teaches You How To Distinguish Between Single And Double Sinks

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The sink is a must for the kitchen and its main function cannot be ignored. Buying a good sink can save you energy. Below, the Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers teaches you how to choose the right kitchen sink based on the accessories in the sink.

  1. Single and double grooves: The volume of large single grooves is relatively large. The two-slot groove has a certain division of labor. Generally speaking, it is a big one and a small one, mainly referring to the countertop. Width, depending on personal preference and kitchen space.

  2. Depth thickness: The depth of the water tank is generally 180mm-230mm, which has the advantages of large capacity and splash resistance. But don't be as deep as possible, because the basin is too deep, it takes too much time to fill the water, it will be too small and it will bend. Learning from the human body structure is unreasonable. The thickness of the steel plate of the stainless steel trough is preferably between 0.8 and 1.2 mm, typically 1 mm. The surface of the sink is slightly stressed when the product is pressed. If pressed, the material is very thin.

  3. Anti-overflow design: The top of the sink should be equipped with an overflow hole design, so that even if you forget to turn off the faucet, it will not drown Jinshan, avoid children's misuse, and ensure the location and shape of the family's carefree overflow.

  4. Bottom treatment: Anti-condensation coating and silencer pad should be added to the bottom of the tank. The shrink-proof coating can produce water droplets when the temperature difference is large, moisture-proof and water-absorbent, anti-condensation, ensuring rapid absorption and heat dissipation, and avoiding the decay of the cabinet. When the object is placed in the water tank, the high-quality sound-absorbing pad prevents large impact sounds and reduces the sound of the faucet falling.

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