Vibratory Polishing Machine'S Fault Solution

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No matter what, when you use more, there will be various faults. How should we deal with these faults? In order to control the occurrence of various faults, the fault should be recorded in advance, and then the fault can be encountered. Time can be dealt with in time. Will not delay production. Today, let's take a look at the common faults of the Vibratory Polishing Machine .

  1. When the equipment fails, the belt will be damaged. When the worn frame is rubbed, it will also produce Mars. If it is serious, it may even cause fire or explosion. For limit switches we need to check frequently to see if the action is reliable.

  2. If the surface of the wheel of the equipment is dirty, there will be a wheel track on the wax surface of Chu Xiang. In this case, it is only necessary to wipe the wheel clean.

  3. When the belt of the equipment runs off, there may be a failure of the Chuxiang photocell, the swinging valve or the swinging damage. There is also the phenomenon that the vacuum is not good, the high concentration of dust will be the impression that the normal operation of the photocell, there will be a phenomenon of the belt running away.

  4. the equipment has a serious jitter phenomenon, then it may be due to the eccentricity of the polishing pad installation, we need to adjust the polishing pad.

  5. The front side of the lower frame of the equipment is equipped with a hydraulic pressure gauge, and the oil pressure needs to be relatively stable.

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