Considerations For Measuring The Size Of China Stainless Steel Sink

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For the newcomers to the renovation, the installation of China Stainless Steel Sink , a common kitchen appliance, is difficult, so we need to understand that the correct installation requires accurate measurement of the size of the sink, so let's talk about the size of the sink.

  1. The size of the kitchen sink is determined according to the size of the counter top, because the kitchen sink can be installed on the stage, Taichung, and under the stage, so the size is different.

2, when choosing stainless steel kitchen sink, the material thickness should be moderate, too thin will affect the service life and strength of the kitchen sink, too thick and easy to damage the washed tableware. Also depends on the flatness of the stainless steel surface, such as unevenness, indicating poor quality.

3, under normal circumstances, the kitchen sink with a large cleaning volume is practical, and the depth is about 20 cm, so that it can properly prevent splashing.

4, the kitchen sink surface treatment with matte surface is beautiful and practical, the kitchen sink sink should be carefully observed, the weld must be even and even, no rust spots.

5, beautiful shape, reasonable design, with an overflow as well.

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