Vibratory Polishing Machine Manufacturers Share The Classification Of Polishing Wheels

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The polishing wheel of the automatic polishing machine differs according to the distance of the suture, and the polishing wheel has soft and hard points. The smaller the distance of the suture, the harder the polishing wheel. In addition, sewing the fabric of the polishing wheel will directly affect the hardness of the polishing wheel. In order to make the polishing wheel softer, the polishing wheel should be made with a sufficient distance between the sewing thread and the wheel edge (also not stitched). Polishing large workpieces also uses a polishing wheel with a special air-cooling device.

Today, Vibratory Polishing Machine manufacturers share the polishing wheel of a polishing machine that can be categorized according to the method, features and uses:

  1. Non-stitched fabric wheel: It is made of fine and soft cotton cloth. It has disc type and wing type. It is suitable for polishing complex shapes or for fine polishing of small workpieces.

  2. suture type: more use of coarse flat cloth, linen and fine flat cloth and other sewing, suture can be concentric circular spiral and direct radiation form, should be polished a variety of plating and shape simple work.

  3. pleated type: 45 ° oblique, ring-shaped folds, with a metal disc in the middle, with ventilation, heat dissipation, cooling, etc., should be polished large workpieces.

  4. Felt wheel: It is made of pure wool. The shrinking time is long and the structure is tight and the pores are small. It is not limited by the warp and weft as the fabric, and the wear resistance is good.

information about vibratory polishing machine:

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