Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet Manufacturers Share How To Maintain Laundry Cabinets

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The quality of the laundry cabinet will affect the service life. Others will depend on our daily use and maintenance of the laundry cabinet. The better the maintenance, the longer the service life will be! The following Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet manufacturer will tell you how to extend the life of the laundry cabinet.

1, Be careful when handling! The installation and delivery was carried out by Taicang Glyte Kitchen & Bathroom Co., Ltd., although everyone was relieved. If you move or move, this errand will naturally fall on our ordinary consumers. It should be noted that the balcony laundry countertops are basically made of stone once and should be lightly lifted. Do not bump or transport without any cushioning device, and it is easy to break.

2, any material laundry cabinet, if it is exposed to the sun all year round will turn yellow. Therefore, if the laundry cabinet is installed on the balcony, you need to install a curtain on the window of the balcony or avoid direct sunlight.

3, for the maintenance of the cabinet, that is, external maintenance.

4, when cleaning the interior should try to use some clean soft cotton cloth that is not easy to remove hair. Avoid using overheated, oversized liquids to clean the inside of the cabinet.

5, with cracks, can be mixed with putty and pigment and then embedded in the plug to keep the long-term is not bad. However, it should be noted that the putty and pigment should be consistent with the original paint color to prevent the scar from being left behind.

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