Why SEO Is The Best Form Of "Advertising"?

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asked Sep 3 by SamuelElser (120 points)

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answered Sep 4 by JimmyBernard (140 points)

Yes. There are Newspapers. Yes, there are Posters. Yes, there are Radios and Televisions. But their one piece of 'advertising' gold that is just becoming as popular as traditional forms. It is an OPTIMIZED WEBSITE. YOUR OPTIMIZED WEBSITE: waiting there patiently to be built and implemented to get you the most BANG you have ever had for your BUCK by Getting to the Top of Google, Yahoo, and Bing. I have spent a very long time in analiza seo. I have watched it continue to develop into the BEST way for any business to advertise. This is a list that I have comprised as the Top 10 Reasons as to why that is.