Membrane Bioreactor Made in China

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Membrane separation equipment is a new technology for sewage and wastewater treatment application, which is a combination of membrane separation and biochemical technologies.MBR module separate the water from biochemical reaction tank.It is effective to separate water from mixed liquid and solid via a membrane hollow fiber with 0.1um or 0.04um pore, and the activated sludge will be always stayed in the tank, so can degrade macro-molecular organics& digest Nitrogen& phosphorus etc. Apply MBR technology, removal percentage of pollutions can be up to: COD removal≥93%, SS & bacteria removal>99.99%;outlet water is with a excellent quality, can be recycle to car wash, garden ,irrigation, toilet flushing ,daily cleaning, and even for drining purpose after with further treatment.
Membaren separation equipment is specially designed for membrane bio-reaction in various sewage&wastewater treatment application. MBR fiber is outside-in type of ultra filtration membrane.
Module DataMBR-10MBR-20MBR-30
Nominal Area(m2)102030
Recommend Flow(m3/d)3.0~4.55.0~7.57.5~11
Dimensions(mm)100053540 80063042180053540 150063042200063042
Membrane MaterialReinforced –PVDF
Pore size(μm)0.1μm or 0.04μm
Fiber Diameter2.2/1.0mm or 2.6/1.2mm
Breaking Strength> 200N
Flow PathOutside-in
TMP Range-0.05 to 0.05Mpa
Operating Temperature5-40℃
Operating PH Range2.0-10.0
Backwash Flux30-60L/m2.h
Permeate Turbidity≦0.5 NTU
NOTE:MBR -5,MBR-12,MBR-25,MBR-35 and customized model are available.
Property of performance for membrane separation equipment:
1.Membrane material is reinforced PVDF, which is with the highest auti-pollution ability, good mechanical intensity, easy to clean, especially suitable to sewage and wasterwater treatment.
2.Good chemical stability, resistant to acid&alkali, anti-bacterial corrosion, long lifespan(3-8years)
3.Air blowing can scour&clean the surface of fiber, no easy to be clogged.
4.High potting filter area, high design flow rate.
5.Uniform&symmetrical, pore size on fiber surface, can ensure a best entrapping.Membrane Bioreactor Made in China

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