Customized Differential Pressure Switch

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The differential pressure indicator is a robust and compact device indicating the contamination level of the filter elements.
The differential pressure between filter inlet and filter outlet is the measurable indicator for the contamination degree of the filter element. When the preset maximum value of differential pressure is reached, the filter needs to be cleaned.
The colour of the disc segments visible in the two displays indicates the contamination degree: The red segment rises proportionally. When the segment is completely red, the differential pressure limit is reached.
Inside the device is a plunger which is held in zero position by a spring. As differential pressure rises with increasing contamination, the plunger is displaced against the resistance of the spring. By magnetic transmission the display disc turns according to the movement of the plunger and shows more and more red segments. The setting of the requested differential pressure id effected by factory installation of a corresponding spring.
Differential Pressure Indicators with integral electronic contacts are provided with two switches which can be independently used either as switching contact or alarm contact.
At 75% and at 100% of the present differential pressure threshold value, the contacts of the reed switches are activated magnetically.
The housing of the Differential Pressure Indicator is made of coated diecast aluminium and for use at an operating pressure of up to 100bar.
In case of type 4.46 the internal parts are made of stainless steel and for use at an operating pressure of up to 160 bar. To avoid the danger of electrostatic charge, the cover glass may only be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Packaging & Shipping
PACKAGE Packing is well suited for long distance shipments
CARTON SIZE: 10992108(MM)
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We will do our best to help you find an optimal way.Customized Differential Pressure Switch

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