wholesale PAM Polymer Dosing Machine

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Quick Details
Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Jiangsu Together Environmental
Model Number:DJY1000
Certification:SGS/CE/ISO 9001
The nominal volume:1.0m3
Tank material:SS304/316/PE/FRP etc.
Electrical component:Schneider/Omron/Customize
Mixing power:0.55KW
Protection Level:IP55 F
Warranty:1 year
After sale service:Engineers available
Supply Ability
Supply Ability: 300 Set/Sets per Month
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details: usually wooden case, other packing methods also can be satisfied
Port: Shanghai, China
Lead Time: 25 days against down payment
Polymer dosing machine for solutions
It's a polymer preparation dosing device with pipeline integration and convenient installation on site.
Dosing device is mainly composed of solution tank,stirring tank (with stirrer),metering pump,level gauge,electronic control,pipeline,valve,safety valve,staircase etc ( which can configuration according to client’s actual requirement).
According to required agentia concentration, preparation in stirring tank, inject it into solution tank after stir well by stirrer,using metering pump deliver the prepared solution to dosing point or appointed system. The whole set of dosing system with the characteristic of compact structure,safety simple,operation using convenient etc. this device can be targeted design according to client’s different processing requirement, realize different functions by Configuration necessary components.
Application scope:
In water supply, water draining processing procedure, it need dosing all kinds of chemical agentia as coagulation, flocculation, coagulant aids and disinfection sterilization, to realize the purpose of water purification. This agentia has solid particles, liquids and colloid etc, it can get the best effect by dissolve, dilute and ration dosing. Suitable for water supply, water draining, water quality purification, sewage treatment and chemical industry, petroleum, power plant , textile, Papermaking, medical etc industry projects.wholesale PAM Polymer Dosing Machine

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