low core loss Common Mode Choke

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* Superior impedance Vs Frequency characteristics.
*High impedance and inserting loss under whole bandwidth
*Effectively suppress conducted interference (150KHz-30MHz) and radiated interference (30MHz-1000MHz)
*Effectively reduce common mode noise and good filtering wave efftect.
*Few turns and low DCR, for small size and high efficieny.
*Conform to DIN EN60938-2 and FCC 15-107.
*Housing materials: Burnt-resitive PBT or PA66
*Outline structure: Veritical or Horizonal
*RoHS and UL Compliant
*Choke type: singlephase or three phase or four phase,bus -bar type.

* EMC filters or EMI filters
* Inverters for alternate energy and automotive applications.
*line filter choke for power line ,signal line ,data line
*Personal computing and entertainment and communications.

Because of application environment difference, every product will be costom-design by requirements.low core loss Common Mode Choke

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