Pre-treatment System design

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QK brand sewage bar screen is a dedicated device which used to remove solid waste from water. When water flows through the bar screen gap, the bar screen intercepts the solid waste from water, then take the flotage up to the bar screen top, then most of flotage falls down because of gravity, others stick to the bar screen will be cleaned by reversal cleaning brush and then fall into screw conveyor. Because the bar screen chain is enclosed, so this machine can clean the flotage automatically and continuously. Sewage bar screen is widely used in many fields, such as paper making, industrial ... etc.
Sewage bar screen main structure features:
Bar screen
it's made by many small bars which is nylon material, not only can catch flotage but also runs flexible. Besides, the bar screen has very good strength and stiffness, won't have connecting shaft bend problem, unsteadily moving problem or out-of-chain problem.
Base and protective cover
The frame and cover adopt stainless steel material, which is not only strong but also prevents waste water from flowing out. There is a traction chain movement track inside the frame. The frame sides also adopt stainless steel material. The gap between the frame and the screen sides can prevent the two sides rubber plate produce garbage.
Drive part
The drive shaft can bear large loads, the bearings and all moving parts are automatically lubricated. Insulation class is F, voltage 380V 50Hz 3P, motor rated power is 10% larger than the actual maximum power.
Before order sewage bar screen, pls let us know:
1. Your channel width and depth, and the height of discharge outlet?
2. What's the treatment capacity you require?
3. How many sets do you prefer? Pre-treatment System design

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