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CNC Precision Machined Chromel Pin for Thermocouple Conductor
Production Introduction:
The most common chromel alloy is made of approximately 90 percent nickel and 10 percent chromium that is used to make the positive conductors of ANSI Type E (chromel-constantan) thermocouples and Type K (chromel-alumel) thermocouples. It can be used at temperatures up to 1,100 掳C in oxidizing atmospheres. There are also three other type of chromel alloys available for other purpose, Chromel A, Chromel C, Chromel R.
Chromel A and Chromel C are often used for electric heating elements, resistance windings, and hot wire cutters, Chromel R is only developed as a woven fabric by NASA for spacesuits.
CNC Machined Chromel Terminal Pins
CNC Precision Machined Chromel Pins
Chromel Conductor Pin Application:
Our machined chromel pins are used as positive conductors in Type E thermocouples and Type K thermocouples.
Chromel鈥揷onstantan thermocouples (type E) give the highest measurement sensitivity of 68 渭V/掳C, with an inaccuracy of 卤0.5% and a useful measuring range of 鈭?00 掳C up to 900 掳C. Unfortunately, while they can operate satisfactorily in oxidizing environments when unprotected, their performance and life are seriously affected by reducing atmospheres.
Chromel鈥揳lumel thermocouples (type K) are a widely used general purpose device with a measurement sensitivity of 41 渭V/掳C. Their output characteristic is particularly linear over the temperature range between 700 掳C and 1200 掳C and this is therefore their main application, although their full measurement range is 鈭?00 掳C to +1300 掳C. Like chromel鈥揷onstantan devices, they are suitable for oxidizing atmospheres but not for reducing ones unless protected by a sheath. Their measurement inaccuracy is 卤0.75%.
Seehaocompany has the professional experience, extensive knowledge, and advanced CNC equipments to machine a wide array of high nickel, including various chromel alloly. Our custom design and manufacturing services means you receive a unique machining solution to your complex terminals and connectors.
We can design and manufacture various machined chromel conductors, also known as machined chromel pin, for use in electric heat elements and other high quality thermocouples, feedthrough, and connectors. We can provide one 鈥搒top services for your wanted machined component for your thermocouples and connectors assembly.
Whether your interconnect application is for just development or volume production, we will be willing to provide satisfied chromel machining service for you. We always use the high grade certified chromel alloy with strict quality control, this will ensure the quality of finished chromel terminal pins.
Technical Parameters:
Product NameCNC Precision Machined Chromel Pin for Thermocouple Conductor
Material90% Nickel, 10% Chrome
Types90-10 Chromel, Chromel A, Chromel C, Chromel R,
GradeAnnealed, 1/4 hard, half hard, 3/4 hard, hard
ApplicationsType E Thermocouples, Type K Thermocouples, Electric heating elements
Our Advantage for Alumel and Chromel Machining:
1. Tailor-made for connectors and feedthroughs assembly
2. Quick response from prototype to production volumes
3. RoHS and REACH Compliant, eco-friendly
4. Chromel material supply chain is mature for short lead time
Chromel Chemical Compositions Data (Weight %)
Chromel TypeOther NameNiCrFeSiApplications
Regular Chromel
Positive conductors of ANSI Type E and K thermocouples
Chromel ANichrome 80-20Balanced200.51Electric heating element
Chromel CNichrome 606016240Electric heating elements, resistance windings and hot wire cutters.
Chromel R
Reflecting surface for compact-folding parabolic antennaCNC Machined Chromel And Alumel Parts factory

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