How To Buy Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet

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When decorating the kitchen, many people are very attentive to the large kitchen range hood, kitchen hearth, sink and so on, and they are not satisfied with small items such as faucets. In fact, small items are also very important to your kitchen life experience. Just recently, the house was being decorated, and the faucet was also studied for a long time. Some experiences and experiences were shared for everyone to buy Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet for reference.

First, understand the structure of the faucet. The overall structure of the faucet is divided into a valve core, a main body and a surface layer. The valve core is the part that controls the flow of water in and out and the heart of the faucet. Whether it can be durable or not depends on it. The main body is the main component of the faucet, that is, the skeleton, and most of the water pollution is the poor material of this part. Coating is the surface material of the faucet, that is, the skin of the faucet, which is the color value of the faucet.

The faucet is turned on and off every day. We can't remember how many times it is turned on and off in a day, so the first question to consider when buying is whether it can be used for a long time. When opening and closing, the movable part of the faucet is on the valve core, so if you want to use it for a long time, it depends on the quality of the valve core.

The quality of the valve core can be judged by whether it can withstand a long-term drip-free test, which is aimed at the life test of the valve core. There is a clear stipulation in the national testing standard for taps that the no - drip test of switches requires not less than 200,000 times of switches. In addition to judging the quality from this test index, we can also evaluate the quality from the sense, turning the handle up, down, left and right, and feeling light and free from obstruction means that the quality is good.

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