What Are The Components Of The Stainless Steel Bathroom Faucet?

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Stainless Steel Bathroom Faucet are used when decorating the bathroom. Relatively speaking, the faucet is a small piece. Although it is a small piece, it cannot be ignored. In daily use, the faucet installed on it often has minor problems. The daily frequency of use of the faucet is very high. It is necessary to use it in the morning to brush your teeth, wash your hands before and after meals, and use it in the bathroom. In short, everyone has to use it several times a day. It is also important to talk about taps.

First look at the functional structure of the faucet, which can be roughly divided into four parts, namely the water outlet part, the control part, the fixed part, and the water inlet port. The structural principle of most faucets is such that the water is first connected to the control section from the water pipe by the inlet section. We adjust the size and temperature of the water through the control section, and the adjusted water flows out through the outlet section for us to use. The fixed part acts to fix the faucet, that is, to fix the faucet in a certain position and not to shake it.

First, the water part

  1. The design of the affluent part is first to consider the practicality, and then consider the aesthetics. When buying a faucet, pay attention to the size of the water outlet. We have encountered some consumers before and put a large faucet on a small washbasin. As a result, the water pressure is slightly larger and the water is sprayed onto the basin. At the edge, there are some under-basin basins. The faucet opening is a little farther away from the basin. Selecting a small faucet cannot reach the center of the basin, so it is not convenient to wash your hands.

  2. There is a multi-layer honeycomb filter inside the bubbler. After flowing through the bubbler, the water becomes bubbles and does not sputter. If the water pressure is relatively large, the bubbler will make a squeaking sound. In addition to the effect of collecting water, the bubbler also has a certain water-saving effect. The bubbler plays a certain obstacle to the flow of water, causing the flow to decrease at the same time, saving a part of the water, and another point, because of foaming. The device allows the effluent to not be sputtered so that the same amount of water is used more. When purchasing a faucet, you should pay attention to whether the bubbler is easy to disassemble.

Second, the control part

From the outside, it is the faucet handle and related connecting parts that we often use. For most ordinary faucets, the main function of the control part is to adjust the water size and adjust the water temperature. Of course, some faucet control parts are relatively complicated, such as shower. In addition to adjusting the size and temperature of the water, the faucet has another component in the control section, which is the water separator. The function of the water separator is to bring the water to different outlet terminals.

Third, the water intake part
For most common faucets, the inlet portion is generally referred to as the inlet pipe. For the shower faucet, the inlet portion is connected by two accessories called "crank". When purchasing a faucet, many merchants are equipped with a water inlet hose. For the water inlet hose, the first thing we need to measure the distance from the angle value of the home to the faucet mounting hole is to determine how long the hose needs to be enough. use. The second thing is to check the quality of the hose, make a soft bend to make a knot or break a few places. If the hose rebounds well, there is no damage, the quality is better, if it is folded, it can not rebind, like broken. The same kind of tube quality is poor.

Fourth, the fixed part
The fixed part is to fix the faucet in a certain position to prevent it from shaking. For the shower faucet, the fixing piece is the one that has been mentioned above. The function of the curved foot is very large, the first is to connect the water, and the second is to adjust the spacing. The third is to fix the force, so when you buy a shower, you should pay attention to this accessory. You must choose 304 stainless steel or thick copper. Do not consider iron. Rusted and can't be removed. The copper should also be thicker. The copper material is relatively soft. The outer surface of the curved foot is slightly deeper and it is easy to perforate. If it is pierced, it will leak. This problem we encountered before when we did large-scale projects. The hardness of 304 stainless steel is relatively high, so don't be too thin.

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