Escalator Manufacturer Share A Lot Of Attention On The Escalator

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Escalator Manufacturer share knowledge about escalators?
First, you should sit on the escalator like this
When taking the escalator, the child should be led by an adult, and the child should be picked up by an adult. Do not hesitate when entering or exiting the escalator. There is a box-shaped safety warning line on the escalator's steps. When stepping on the foot, do not step on the line, that is, do not step on the seam of the two steps, otherwise the escalator enters the slope. Accidents are prone to occur when running a segment. For those who normally take the escalator, they should stand on the right side and hold the right handrail belt. Do not use tension at the exit of the escalator.

Second, take the escalator "eight do not"
Children should not stay in the upper and lower entrances and exits of the escalator steps; do not climb on the handrails; do not hold the lower part of the handrail with your hand; do not bend over the moving escalator and reach into the comb plate of the step entrance and exit; do not put the core Hard objects such as stones are discarded on the steps. Do not put sharp objects such as umbrella tips into the gaps around the steps, and do not extend them into the comb plates. Bags and other items should not be placed on the escalator.

Third, when the escalator "bites" the finger
In the lower part of the upper and lower entrances and exits of the escalator, there are two red buttons with the words "stop". If the child falls on the escalator or the fingers, heels and other items are caught, etc. Immediately call the person at both ends of the escalator and press the “Stop” button, the escalator will stop immediately. Workers or general passengers at the end of the escalator should immediately realize that they should press the “Stop” button to avoid further injury if an emergency occurs.

  1. What should I do if I am locked in the elevator?
    What if the elevator you are riding suddenly does not move? First of all, you should keep calm and do not take any excessive action. The correct way is: continuously press the alarm button on the steering panel inside the car. At this time, the elevator bell will ring, and the person outside the car will immediately know the car inside. People, immediately find professional maintenance personnel to deal with; pick up the phone on the control panel of the car, dial the help according to the prompt; or press the phone button on the control panel to call the outside for help. You are locked in the elevator and should wait for outside professionals to come and rescue. When a professional arrives in a rescue, it is necessary to listen to the instructions of the rescue personnel by telephone or shouting and cooperate with the rescue operation to ensure safety.

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