Customized tool & die maker

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  1. Organization Chart

    1. Company History
      ◎ 2003 Mr.Ji, the President, founded the brand (Keyuan Plastics) in the early 2003. Keyuan was
      mainly engaged in engineering plastics modification, PA6, PA66, ABS, PC, PBT, PC+ABS, PP,
      POM, PPS, TPU are our main products.

    ◎ 2007 The second branch---Mold Development. We introduced new equipments to set up a
    branch factory of mold design and production, focused on plastic injection mold OEM

    ◎ 2009 We started Export Business through Alibaba platform. Our clients spreaded all over the
    world from then on. We had mold ODM services in the same year.

    ◎ 2012 The thrid branch---Plastic Injection Molding. We brought injection machine and
    estabished the Injection Molding branch. From that time, our company became a one-stop
    solution platform including three branches.
    ◎ 2015 The Keyuan Plastics Company was renamed the Julier (Xiamen) Technology Co.,Ltd.

    ◎ 2017 Let’s go further and go for the brilliant future together!


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