Elevator Manufacturer Reminded That It Is Very Important To Design The Size Of The Villa Elevator

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Many villa owners of small villas have almost an annoying problem, that is, climbing stairs, especially in the summer, running up and down and sweating, then installing an elevator at home is simply a plus, the problem is coming, most The size of the villa space is limited, and how to install the elevator, whether the location has the conditions for loading the elevator. So it was suitable for the miniature elevator in the villa home. Then let's go with the Fuji Elevator Manufacturer to see what the size of the elevator is.

The general elevator gantry structure has priority, the door width is greater than 700mm priority, the automatic door priority, and the civil engineering hoistway priority" four different principles and combined with the reserved position size to adopt different small villa elevator design.

The position of 1000mm*1000mm is enough to meet the installation standard of general elevators, and the structure of the counterweight gantry is still adopted. In the case where the net size of the hoistway is less than or equal to 1250 mm, the design of the home elevator takes into consideration the usability of the elevator, so the door opening method is adopted.

The width of the hoistway is between 1400mm and 1600mm. When the depth of the hoistway is >1000, the automatic door opening method can be adopted. The home elevator can be selected by two kinds of opening methods within the originally specified size range. First, the automatic side opening door (The two doors open to one side), the second, the middle folding door (a total of four doors, in the way of separating the doors in the way of four doors, each side of the two fans simultaneously open to the left and right), the middle folding door is a home elevator In order to meet the customer's small well opening automatic door based on the special development, in the case of the jingling Jin size width of 1300, the use of the middle folding door, the door width can reach 700 door width, to meet the owner in the small shaft The idea of ​​a wheelchair accessible on the basis of an automatic door.

If the outer dimension of the hoistway is ≥ 1600, then the automatic middle door of ≥700 can be opened. Because the automatic door opening method is for the two doors to open to the left and right of the elevator shaft at the same time, the width of the hoistway is relatively large. If the width of the hoistway is just between 1500 and 1600, this situation can also be opened automatically, the door width can reach 650, but some home elevator design teams take into account the future usage of the elevator, and the problem of wheelchair access. It is recommended that the customer take the automatic side door when the outer size is less than 1600, which will leave enough door width for the elevator to carry the furniture in the future.

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