China All In One Solar Street Light factory

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High lumen waterproof ip65 integrated solar LED street light with pole
All in one solar street light is the product integrated design with LED light source, high capacity lithium battery, mono-crystalline solar module and automatic controller. It is raised LED light sources which are powered by photovoltaic panels.
The photovoltaic solar panels charge the rechargeable battery by intelligent controller, which powers the LED light source during the night. In addition, the all in one light with a body sensor function, when the body through, the lamp becomes brighter. This product widely used in rural road, city streets, gardens, villas and other places.

Main Advantages:
1. No need of cable installation or special light pole, functional components modular design. Installation, maintenance and replacement is convenient and quick .
2. High efficiency solar panel. High transfer rate, charge full quickly.
3. Using high capacity lithium ion battery, high energy, long life, light weight, green and environmental protection, do not produce any harmful substances.
4. Using LED lighting source, no diffuse reflection effect, high light efficiency. Coupled with the unique secondary optical design, exposures to the wider region, This achieve energy saving again to improve the efficiency of light. And the LED light source has a long service life, high luminous efficiency; the advantage of light color uniform, is also a best product of environmental protection.
5. The Shell adopts aluminum, which have a advantage of light weight, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and other characteristics. Ensuring product to adapt to the humid and hydrochloric acid environment.
6. Control system adopts industrial-grade components manufacturing, which can adapt to all kinds of wicked environment and ensure the street light normally on.
40W Integrated solar street lightMS-240W
Solar PanelMax Power18V/50W(Germany Solarworld High effeciency Mono Silicon)
Lifespan25 years
BatteryTypeLithum Battery 12V / 22AH
Lifespan5 years
LED Light SourcePower12V / 40W
LED ChipUS Bridgelux 45mil, 1W/PC (42 pcs)
Luminance effect4000-4800LM
CCT (k)6000-6500K
Lifespan50000 hours
Working temperature(-30℃-60℃)
Mounting height6 - 7m
Operation modeMotion sensor, light and time control, cellphone APP intelligent control
Lamp housing materialAluminum alloy
Charging period6-7 hours with good sunshine
Discharging periodAll-in 12 hours
3-4 days backup if bad weather at max power
Package methodproduct size96034045mm
Carton size1060400200mm
Pkg method1 ctns/setChina All In One Solar Street Light factory

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