5 Details Of Handling China Stainless Steel Sink Plugging Problem

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The kitchen sinks are used to wash dishes, fruits and vegetables. However, there are always people who will encounter a blocked tank. This is because many housewives will dump some leftovers in the sink and block the sink. How can we solve this situation? Send China Stainless Steel Sink to take a look at some solutions for the tank blockage.

  1. if you find that the kitchen sink is blocked, you should first turn off the faucet. Do not try to wash the impurities in the sink through the impact of water, and waterproof to cause more water.

  2. when the sink is clogged, you should first check what is blocking it. In the average family, the kitchen water pipes are blocked in the U-bend. Some of the sewer pipes will have drain screws, so just unscrew them and use the wires to pass them on both sides. If it still can't be solved, remove all the down pipes, unscrew all the plastic connecting ports, rinse the internal impurities and assemble them in turn, so that it can be done in less than half an hour.

  3. in the general family, the water pipes are blocked by greasy. Therefore, it is better to burn a water pipe under the water pipe before dredging. When dredging, a tool such as a hand or a hook can be used to extend into the drain pipe to remove dirt and impurities trapped therein. If you are a user on the first floor, you should check if the outdoor sewer pushes the drain or silt to make the drain pipe blocked.

  4. For the drain pipe of the pool or the washing tank, see that there is no obvious blockage. Use a damp cloth to block the overflow hole, and then use the tweezers to remove the sludge. If the scorpion cannot remove the blockage, place a bucket at the trap of the drain pipe and then unscrew the bend to remove the internal blockage.

  5. If the blockage problem cannot be solved, it means that the sludge is blocked in the depth of the short knife. This should be promptly notified to the repairman to prevent the long-term blockage from accumulating water in the pool.

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