Stearic Acid manufacturers

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Stearic acid
Main Chemical Composition
Chemical Name: Carboxylic Acid C18
CAS NO: 57-11-4
EINECS NO: 266-928-5
Molecular Formula: C18H36O2
Stearic acid is an important chemical raw material. It is lumpy, flaky, powdered or granular solid, insoluble in water, soluble in benzene, toluene, chloroform, tetrachloromethane, carbon, sulfide, ethanol, acetone. Stearic acid is stable and lubricious.
Typical Physical Properties
AppearanceWhite granule
Density (25°C, g/cm3)0.84
Boiling Point, (760mmHg °C)361
Refractive Index, (ND20)1.4299
Flash Point (Closed Cup,°F )>230
Rubber Industry: Stearic acid plays an important role in the synthesis and processing of rubber. Stearic acid is a widely used vulcanization activator in natural rubber, rubber ploymer and latex. Which also as a plasticizer and softener. In the production of synthetic rubber need to add stearic acid as an emulsifier in the manufacture of foam rubber, stearic acid can be used as a foaming agent, stearic acid can also be used as a rubber release agent.
1. This product packed by hard cardboard boxes or woven bags lined with plastic bags.
Each box (bag) net weight 25kg.
2. Store in a cool, dry, ventilated place, keep away from fire and oxidants. According to the general provisions of the storage and transportation of chemicals.
Stearic Acid manufacturers

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