What Are The Sink Accessories For China Stainless Steel Sink?

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The kitchen "heavy life", a well-sized, non-staining and easy-to-clean sink, can be said to be a good helper in the kitchen, and the stainless steel sink occupies half of the sink in the sink industry. Many brands on the market also use stainless steel sinks. . Today, the manufacturer of China Stainless Steel Sink came to talk to you about the purchase of stainless steel sinks.

  1. First talk about stainless steel
    Classification of stainless steel: 304 stainless steel is good, 201 stainless steel times. 304 stainless steel has better corrosion resistance, rust resistance, high temperature resistance and tensile strength. 201 stainless steel is generally used in industrial tubes, decorative tubes and other products. So try to choose a 304 stainless steel sink. Generally difficult to distinguish with the naked eye, 201 stainless steel will still rust when it takes a long time to meet water.

  2. The difference between welding and integral molding
    The one-piece stretch-formed water tank has high requirements for equipment and is suitable for mass production. However, the thickness of the welded water tank steel plate is more uniform in terms of quality, so it is not said that the integrally formed water tank must be better than the welded one. Of course, the market is basically a one-piece sink for the mainstream. The high-end manual tanks of individual styles are welding processes, but the price is more expensive.

  3. About the sink accessories
    The quality of the sewer and the sewer directly affects the use and life of the sink. It is best to choose a large-diameter downpipe and a sink made of 304 stainless steel.

  4. About single and double slots
    This is a personal preference. Some people like big single slots, because it is convenient to wash the pot. Some people like double tanks, while draining water on the other side can drain.

  5. About soap dispensers and tool holders
    Nowadays more and more sink designs are equipped with soap dispensers and tool holders, which seem to be fully functional and better in shape, but to be honest these two functions are more ribbed. And the entire sink is also easy to have a dead angle. Of course, some people think that the soap dispenser and the knife holder are convenient.

  6. About the tap
    Most of the sinks are sold with faucets, and the quality and warranty of the faucets is also very important because the faucets are used frequently. Some sinks are sold without a faucet, and the faucet is purchased at an additional cost. When buying, be sure to ask what the price is.
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